Health benefits of bottle gourd

5-amazing-health-benefits-of-baba-ramdev-lauki-juice1The bottle gourd, also known as wild gourd, is a common vegetable in India. It is yellowish green, having the shape of a bottle.  It has white pulp, with white seeds embedded in its spongy flesh.

This vegetable is relaxing and sedative food. It imparts tranquillity and a feeling of relaxation after eating it. It is thus an effective remedy for sleepnessness. A mixture of bottle gourd and sesame oil can also be beneficially massaged over the scalp every night before retiring to induce sleep.

The cooked leaves of bottle gourd, taken as a vegetable , also serve as sedative and calming food. They are thus valuable insomnia. The bootle gourd should not be eaten in raw form as it may prove harmful for stomach and intenstine.